WhatsApp Web Messenger Tool

Turn WhatsApp Web into a marketing and sender tool. Convert WhatsApp to an automation, marketing and bulk sending tool.


Bulk whatsapp csv sending

Upload CSV and send WhatsApp to everyone in it

Want to send messages to everyone in a contact list?

You can now upload a CSV and select the phone numbers directly from the extension. Then you can send the messages to everyone in the list.

Send to List

Send message to list.

Want to send WhatsApp message to a list of phone numbers?

Use our list sender to send messages to everyone on the list.

Quick text

Easily accessible quick text

Do you find yourself using certain text frequently?

Now use our 'Quick Text' feature to have the text at your fingertips always. Send messages easily.

Direct send message

Send message directly

Are you fed up with adding a new user to contact list first and then only being able to message them?

Now with our single message sender you can just type in the message and phone number and then send message directly.

Quick access Whats app

Quick access to WhatsApp tool

You can now quickly access WhatsApp from browser conveniently by clicking on our icon. The sender icon will be on the top right.

Other important pages

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Check out our WhatsApp Sender site.

Get details about using WhatsApp sender part of our extension.

Check WhatsApp Sender
Whats App Web

Whats App Web Tool

Get details about using Whats App Web for sending messages.

Whats App Web

Use with WhatsApp Business

Want to use our tool with WA Business. Check it out here.

WhatsApp Business


Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages can we send?

This tool is strictly not for spamming. This should be used more as a customer engagement tool.

Spamming can get you banned from WhatsApp. See WhatsApp spamming tool over here: WhatsApp Spam Rules

Is the tool free?

Yes, the tool is now completely free to use.

Why should we use WhatsApp over other mediums?

WhatsApp has a very high engagement rate compared to other mediums.

People considers WhatsApp to be very personal medium of communication.

Are we related to WhatsApp?


We are not part of WhatsApp Inc. This is an independent productivity Chrome extension that works on the WhatsApp desktop (or WhatsApp Web).  Please do not use this against WhatsApp policies. Always follow their policies.

We don't endorse spamming or bulk messaging.  Use this tool responsibly.
WhatsApp is the trademark of WhatsApp Inc.

Can I use it with WhatsApp Business?

Yes, the tool does work with WhatsApp business.

What are your privacy rules?

We don't store any personally identifiable information including your phone number with us.

We do take consent before getting any of the information.


Customer says.

"Great extension. Love the feature that allows me to add text snippets :) Very helpful for when when we have repetitive texts to write."

"Loved the extension. Loving it!"

"Great product. It lets me send messages to my contact list in one go. Also love text snippet feature. Love it."